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If you want to obtain a bidet installed in Los Altos Hills we can help. Our professional installation professionals can look after all your needs.

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What are the benefits of using a Bidet?

Benefits of using a Bidet Bidets have been used in Europe for decades and also have started to grow in appeal in the U.S. While adding a freestanding bidet to your house needs committed plumbing lines, bidet toilet seats and also portable bidet sprayers are easy to install and also require really little room in your bathroom.

With a bidet, you do not need toilet tissue after using the toilet given that the bidet does the cleansing for you. For some people, this convenient and also eco-friendly addition to the bathroom is a positive experience.

Bidets are available in numerous designs and also two configurations, oval and also elongated. Much of the bidet seats on the marketplace today utilize electrical energy to use luxury, luxury attributes. There are some fundamental demands and also referrals to adhere to when installing an electrical bidet toilet seat, as it connects to the outlet (see our electrical referrals page). If your outlet does not meet these referrals, you will need to obtain an electrician bent on make the needed modifications.

They might require plumbing changes to your bathroom, which results in varying prices. This has an average range of $500 to $1,500 for adding a ceramic floor-mounted bidet to a shower room, with many people paying around $1,000 total.

This project’s low cost is around $400 for a standard bidet installed in a shower room with existing plumbing. The high price is around $2,500 for a wall-mounted bidet in a shower room that requires comprehensive plumbing and also finish work.

Plumbing Demands of a Bidet

Plumbing Demands of a BidetDue to the fact that bidets have mixing valves similar to faucets that allow you to change the rinse water to a comfortable temperature, an additional demand is both a hot and also cold-water supply. Additionally, the plumbing code needs what’s called a “vacuum breaker” to be used with bidet products.

Vacuum breakers stop water from being siphoned back into the supply system and also triggering contamination. A lot of bidets have an important vacuum breaker, yet it’s wise to validate this before you acquire your bidet. If one is lacking, rather than conventional turned off at the wall surface, you can acquire ones that have a vacuum cleaner breaker.

Another difference between installing a bidet and also installing a toilet is the dimension and also arrangement of the waste line. Water closets have interior traps to avoid sewer gases from leaving into busy areas. Bidets don’t, and also a trap must be installed in the rough plumbing below| the floor. Likewise, due to the fact that bidets are used for rinsing only and also not for strong waste, their drains pipes are typically only 1 1/2 inch in size, contrasted to the 3-inch drain pipes most w.c.s utilize. In fact, the drain setting up for a bidet is more like that for a shower or bathtub than a toilet.

Putting up Wall- and also Floor-Mounted Bidets

Wall-mounted bidets require an unique framework to be installed in the wall surface prior to drywall and also tile. Mounting screws affixed to this framework protrude from the wall surface, and all the plumbing connections are made at the wall surface. A special drain connection is used that seals when the drain from the bidet is pushed in. The drain of a floor-mounted bidet is constantly in the floor, yet the products may come out of the floor or the wall surface. In every instance, it is essential to assess the plumbing format in the bidet’s installation instructions and also make certain the rough plumbing is specifically where it’s expected to be.

With the floor and also wall surfaces finished and also the quit valves installed on the rough plumbing products, you can start to actually install the bidet now. The area of a wall-mounted device is identified by the formerly installed screws.

Floor-mounted units are fastened using wall mount screws, which have a lag thread on one end and also a machine thread on the various other. Locate and also predrill the holes for these screws using a design template (if one is provided) or by placing the bidet so its drain hole straightens with the catch and also waste pipe in the floor.

Considering that installation treatments vary for different bidets, see to it to read the supplier’s instructions before you begin. In most cases, it’s less complicated to set out and also install supply lines before installing the bidet to wall surface or floor.

Wall-mounted bides are harder to install after that floor-mounted designs. Some wall-mounted units have unique hardware that threads onto the screws before the bidet is mounted, while others merely utilize nuts and also washing machines. In either instance, you’ll be supporting the bidet from above while safeguarding the installing screws by feel from below. As you’re putting the bidet on the screws, the drain must be lined up with that said in the rough plumbing, and also whatever is pressed house simultaneously. An assistant can make a difference right here.

Floor-mounted bidets are put over the screws you have actually threaded into the floor and also held down with nuts and also washing machines, similar to a toilet. The drain setting up is placed into the hole in the bidet from above, and also the drain connections are tightened up by way of an accessibility hole in the back of the bidet.

The final actions are connecting the adaptable products to the shutoffs. Check for leaks, deal with any type of you might discover, and then caulk the bidet to the wall surface or floor with a cool bead of silicone sealant.

The Bidet Seat Alternative

Electric Bidet Seat If you don’t have area for a devoted device, a bidet-seat for your toilet is an option. There are two common grabs. Initially, bidets utilize more water than w.c.s do, so conventional 3/8-inch toilet shutoffs have to be replaced with 1/2-inch ones. This might require knowing just how to solder pipe. Second, due to the fact that there will not be a hot water supply at the toilet, bidet-seats have integral electric heating systems. There requires to be a GFCI-protected outlet nearby.

If you have those points, after that the installation is a matter of eliminating the existing toilet seat and also installing the base for the bidet-seat in its area. Water is linked to the base from the shut-off using an adaptable supply, and also the heater is connected in.

Then, the bidet seat is mounted to its base according to that supplier’s instructions.

Bidet Setup Costs in Los Altos Hills

  • National typical price $1,000.
  • Typical range $500-$1,500.
  • Lowest price $400.
  • Maximum price $2,500.

Bidet Setup Expense by Job Range

Bidet Installation Prices

Low $400
A standard bidet in a shower room currently plumbed, installed.

Typical Expense $1,000
A floor-mounted bidet with the required plumbing extension, installed.

Maximum price $2,500
A wall-mounted bidet with a comprehensive plumbing extension and also finish work, installed.

What is a Bidet, Japanese Toilet, Washlet, Shower Toilet or Smart Toilet?

At its simplest, a bidet is a bowl-shaped seat with faucets to wash after using the toilet. A bidet can obtain you cleaner than toilet tissue and also is more environmentally friendly than various other techniques. Bidets can be mounted on your floor or wall surface, and also some w.c.s have integrated bidets or toilet seats with bidet attributes. A traditional bidet is made from ceramic and also created to be straddled, with the individual facing the back of the fixture.

Floor-Mounted Bidets in Santa Clara County, California

Floor-Mounted Bidet Floor-mounted bidets are the most common design. Like floor-mounted w.c.s, they generally receive water from the wall surface and also drain via the floor. The floor holds the weight with a floor-mounted bidet, so past the water hook up and also the drain, the installation is easy. Once the plumbing is done, the bidet is embeded in area and also bolted to the floor. This additionally makes replacements easy due to the fact that the old bidet can be lifted off and also a new one set down in minutes if the plumbing remains in good condition. These designs price between $200 and also $600 usually.

Wall-Mounted Bidets in Santa Clara County, California

Wall-Mounted Bidet Wall-mounted bidets are excellent for modern washrooms. They do not disrupt the floor’s visual, so it can make a small bathroom appearance bigger. Also some customers find it more comfortable to keep clean.

Like wall-mounted w.c.s, a wall-mounted bidet takes more effort to install. This is due to the fact that the wall surface requires to be opened and also a provider installed in the wall surface between the studs. This holds the weight of the bidet and also the individual.

The wall surface must be refinished after the bidet is installed. The typical cost for a wall-mounted bidet is between $300 and also $700 usually.

Bidet Setup Expense in 94022 Los Altos Hills, California

Presuming that your format can quickly suit a bidet, the installation procedure mostly entails the fixture’s plumbing. You need a water line installed where the bidet is, and also the bidet’s drain have to be linked to the plumbing system. This might suggest opening the wall surface, floor, or both in close proximity to where the bidet will be installed. When opening the floor, the bidet generally covers the opening, yet the wall surface might need to be patched or repainted.

Depending on just how much the pipes have to be run and also just how challenging the wall surface and also floor materials are to cut through, the entire procedure takes about 2 to 3 hours usually.

Bidets are installed by plumbing professionals charging between $45 and also $200 a hr for most tasks. Due to the fact that they need to run pipes to the bidet, the work can be easy or challenging, depending on just how much the pipes have to run. If you have to reroute various other fixtures to suit the bidet or the plumbing is old and also requires updating, this can elevate your prices significantly. For an ordinary bidet installation of 2 to 3 hours, the labor prices vary from $250 to $600, with many people paying around $500 for installation out of the $1,000 total.

Bidet W.c. Seat Setup Expense in 94022 Los Altos Hills, California

Bidet toilet seats can be found in numerous designs. Some are meant to be installed quickly DIY. In this instance, you need to unscrew your toilet’s water supply, screw on the T couplet, and also install the seat. If your bidet toilet seat requires a plumbing or electrical expert to install, expect prices in the series of $200 to $1,000. This array relies on your plumbing and also electrical energy’s format and also how much of the wall surfaces the plumbing or electrical expert requires to open up. Due to the fact that most washrooms do not have an electrical outlet beside the toilet and also most w.c.s are only plumbed for cold water, adding these attributes elevates installation prices. The seat mounts quickly in minutes, gave the area awaits the install.

Water Closets with Integrated Bidets

A relatively new fixture on the marketplace is a toilet including an incorporated bidet. Rather than a separate toilet and also bidet or a toilet with a seat that works as a bidet, these are w.c.s with extra attributes integrated.

Like the bidet toilet seats, you can discover a toilet with an incorporated bidet with numerous attributes. Some are fundamental, using just the water spray, while others have incorporated MP3 players, heated seats, deodorizers, and also more. They are not as common as the various other options and also price dramatically more, around $1,000 – $1,200, yet they install like a basic toilet and also do not need as much room. They require a close-by outlet to function, nevertheless.

Benefits and drawbacks of a Bidet

Many individuals delight in using a bidet and also the benefit it brings. There is no demand for toilet tissue with a bidet. So, you have reduced month-to-month expenses, do not need to stress over the eco-friendly influence of paper, and also might have less toilet clogs. Bidets are thought about more sanitary by some and also supply a customized experience in the lavatory.

Nonetheless, bidets occupy a great deal of room. Every bidet needs a minimum of 30 inches, with 36 inches being the recommended quantity. It additionally requires to be installed near the toilet for finest usage, and also the toilet additionally needs 30 to 36 inches. For a small bathroom, adding a bidet might require major renovations. Also in bigger washrooms, it might suggest moving cabinetry or various other plumbing to much better suit the bidet.

Bidet Upkeep in 94022 Los Altos Hills, California

Bidets are easy to clean and also repair. The ceramic is quickly wiped down with a cloth and also bathroom cleaner. Due to the fact that the bidet does not handle strong waste, it is easy to keep clean and also much less most likely to discolor.

Bidet toilet seats can additionally be wiped down with a soft, wet fabric as needed. Often, a bidet seat or spray clogs from hard water. If this happens, soak the nozzle in vinegar to dissolve the blockage and also flush with clean water.

Bidet Installation costs in Los Altos Hills

If you want to obtain a bidet installed in Los Altos Hills we can help. Our professional installation professionals can look after all your needs.

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  • For All Types of Bidets, Japanese Toilets, Washlets, Shower Toilets and Smart Toilets
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Please complete our easy contact form and also tell us regarding your bidet installation needs. We will reply you right away.

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